Start Your Experience Here With P J Reynolds

Student Lettings 

Our student portfolio ranges from 1 to 10 bedroom properties with everything in between at prices to satify all budgets. Our tenancies are typically 12 months fixed starting from the beginning of July until the end of June the following year. In some ciructsmances we offer tenancies that begin closer to the start of term when the property undergoes summer renovations. 

Our Process And Prices for Students

If you are interested in renting one of our properties then please visit us on Rightmove or call us on the number below and fill in an application form. We then require a holding deposit to be paid which is the equivelant of a week's rent and is included as part of your security deposit. The final part of the process is to pay the deposit and the first month’s rent in June ready to pick up your keys in July.

Professional Lettings

Our professional selection of accommodation is based on a six-month contract and then after that it changes to a monthly rolling contract.  In addition to the application forms we require your employer’s details as well as landlord references. The deposit for our professional lettings is one month’s rent. To secure the propety we ask for a one week's rent equivelant as a holding deposit which is then part of your secirity deposit.